Consultancy for the construction and operation of treatment plants and energy recovery from waste and waste water

Spinoff srl provides consulting services, design support, coordination and collaboration for the remediation and environmental requalification of contaminated sites, establishing itself as a forerunner in the field of landfill remediation and safety thanks to the patented Airflow technology. With a view to achieving environmental sustainability, Spinoff srl furthermore provides innovative solutions for the construction and management of plants for the treatment and energy valorization of waste and wastewater, offering clients consulting services, collaboration and coordination in the development and sustainability analysis of new technologies in the environmental field, also by means of specific functional tests. Spinoff srl is currently able to offer its clients comprehensive, highly qualified and economically sustainable support.

Does my installation pose an environmental risk?


After years of service a facility such as a landfill may have suffered unexpected structural and management changes. A careful risk analysis could avoid future contamination and repercussions.

It is often difficult to stay update on the continuous technical and technological development. System and management procedures upgrades can lead to substantial improvements and savings.

May I increase the efficiency of my treatment plant?


How can I save money on the disposal of waste/wastewater?


The transportation to treatment facilities is often very expensive, especially for large quantities of waste/wastewater. The in situ treatment may be the most viable alternative. Find the best treatment technique suited to your case.

The environment and energy sectors offer a real chance to find national and/or EU funding. Presenting a worthwhile project, innovative and sustainable can lead to the access to substantial funds.

Is there any funding system?